Thursday, January 29, 2009

Misteri Marikh

Pokok Di Kutub Marikh??

Also life may have been discovered on Mars.

This is a satelite photo of one of the poles on Mars. Both polar caps there have plenty of water and this image appears to show trees on Mars. NASA says its just frost but Id like to know how frost can cast shadows on the ground.

Understand, If it can be proven that there is any kind of life somewhere other than earth, than it builds the case for the existance of extraterrestrials.

If there are trees on other planets similar toour trees than maybe there are humanoid creatures similar to us onother planets as well. If those indeed are trees, which they appear tobe, that means that life is abundant throughout the universe and it evolves in a similar fashion.

Wajah Marikh

The ancient Americans did the same thing here on earth. Now how theywere able to do this without looking from high in the sky is beyond me.It can ONLY be seen from the sky.

Pyramids and the face at Cydonia (notice how this seems to resemble theSphinx and Great Pyramids in Egypt. BTW the name Cairo, which is thecity nearby the Giza Pyramids means "Mars"

Here is another NASA photo of Mars.....notice what appears to be a skull on the surface

Dulu bentuk muka .. sekarang bentuk gunung sejelas jelasnya...

Terowong Marikh??? Gambar dulu....

Terowong Marikh sekarang....

Struktur di Marikh

Another Martian anomaly. Notice all the straight just dontsee that in nature. It appears to be an intellegent creation. It couldbe ruins to an ancient city but the patterns also look like farm land.

Cydonia conforms to the Golden Mean

another interesting Mars anomoly. Clearly there has been intellegent life on Mars at some point.

Langit Marikh Sebenarnya Biru Seperti Langit Di Bumi!

most of the time the sky is blue on Mars. For some reason NASA adds a red tint to their images.
Why is the Mars sky red?Images sent back from the Viking Mars landers in 1977 and from Pathfinder in 1997showed a red sky seen from the Martian surface. This was due to red iron-rich duststhrown up in the dust storms occurring from time to time on Mars. The colour of theMars sky will change according to weather conditions. It should be blue when therehave been no recent storms, but it will be darker than the earth's daytime sky because ofMars' thinner atmosphere.

rupanya langit Marikh pun kekadang biru jugak..mcm Bumi...

And what about the things on mars we DO know the color of... the Rovers themselves:

warna yg asal Rover di bumi tapi berubah jadi lain ketika di Marikh...

Lapisan Atmosfera Marikh

Gambar Lapisan Atmosfera Marikh dari Hubble Telescpe

sememangnya biru.....

Marikh sememangnya Misteri.....

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